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Most Dances on Saturday nights are at either Roseville Veteran's Hall or Carmichael Presbyterian Church - directions below:
DJ Music of all types 8 PM to 11 PM. Refreshments and non alcohol beverages included.
Call 530-878-8606 for more information. Tickets presale at (purchase tickets under the dance photo below. Also by Mail, P.O. Box 909, Meadow Vista, CA 95722. Mail purchase must received by the day of the dance, so please mail no later than Thursday before.

Directions to the Roseville Veteran’s Hall – Large Hall with wood dance floor
Take Hwy 80 to Douglas Blvd. West. Once on Douglas count about 4 or 5 streets on the right, right on S. Lincoln (neighborhood street, one way), until it dead ends, go left past One house, and then an immediate left on Park Dr., another one way street. The Vets building is immediately on your right.
Or, take Douglas Blvd West., go past S. Lincoln to Judah, right on Judah, Right on Oak, Right on Washington going into the parking lot – park here and walk across the walking bridge to the Vet’s building on the other side. Often the parking lot is full at the Vet’s building early in the evening because people are at the park. Call us at 530-878-8606 if you get lost – we usually transfer calls to a cell number..

Directions: Carmichael Presbyterian Church
Google Map – cut and paste then type in the address 5645 Marconi Ave., Carmichael, CA 95608
From Sacramento take I 80 east, right on Watt Ave., Left on Marconi, go just past Garfield, look for the white Spanish style church on the left – 5645 Marconi, go left on Myrtle, (the alley is on the left side of the church) to the parking lot in the back.
From East (Auburn, Roseville) take I 80 to Madison Ave. exit, left on Madison, right on Manzanita, right on Garfield, left on Robertson, when you see a firehouse on the right, there is an ally called Myrtle on the left side of the firehouse, take Myrtle to the back parking lot of the church.
From Hwy 50 – north on Sunrise Blvd, left at Fair Oaks Blvd, when it dead ends at Manzanita take a left, go to Marconi, right on Marconi, Right on Myrtle (which is on the left side of the church). To the parking lot in the back.

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